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sweet videos of 2b

2 October 2010
“Thursday We Will Be Free” – A jam sesh with Ally and Hayley. Singing about our excitement for Thursday when our finals and papers were over and we would be free and headed home for Christmas!
“Spontaneity”- yes we should’ve been studying and doing homeworks, but instead we spontaneously had a dance party, dressed up, and made this sweet video. We made the better choice.

Needless to say, I miss the fun times with my roomies, especially the cockroach killing escapades Stacy and I would go on. The best of times.

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    HAHAH!!!! I miss making lovely random videos. I miss everything about last year. wonderful adventures, frazzled hair, evesdropping on stacy and that boy, your bike and our trashcan, quinoa, acai, flatulence (ok maybe not that), pit stops, beach days, our quote wall, not doing hw, skinnydipping under the full moon, oh the list is endless!!! I LOVE THESE MEMORIES!

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