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30 December 2010



30 December 2010

I’m in Brazil! It”s so crazy I’m here! I cant believe I got my visa and that I’ve been in Brazil for almost a week. 

It took over 24 hours from when I left my apartment in Pennsylvania to when I got to the airport here in Vitoria. Traveling is exhausting. And then my two companions picked me up at the airport with one of the ward members and we went to our apartment, dropped off my bags, and went straight to work. Wowza. I did have time to change my clothes when I dropped off my giantesque bags but that was it.
But on my flight I flew down with Elder Lund, my mtc companion’s brother, who has been waiting on his visa and serving in Pennsylvania the last two months. 
   There was also one other elder who had been waiting for three months that was on the flight. I didn’t even have to wait two weeks! Craaaaaazy. And I ran into the girlfriend of one of my mtc elders on the plane too! Exciting looooong flight. 
   Tis crazy being here. It is so wicked hot and humid. I’m dying. And there is no escaping the heat except in a cold shower. I’m just sticky  with sweat all day long. Last week I was in chilly winter and now I’m the hottest I’ve ever been. 
    The bugs aren’1t too bad here. Although the other morning I did wake up with like 10 mosquito bites. And the past 6 days we’ve had 3 cockroaches in our house. Thank goodness one of my companions is a fearless cockroach killer. I woke up in the middle of the night last night to go to the bathroom and there was a cockroach on the bathrrom floor. I sort of tried to step on it and it ran out into the kitchen. I sort of tried to step on it again and it moved away. So then I threw a shoe at it hoping I had squished it, but figuring I hadn’t. And then I just tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t because I thought I kept seeing and feeling the cockroach. Crazy head. :) But one of my companions found it this morning and it’s gone now.
    It’s so different being here. The people are fantastic. Really wonderful and friendly. If only I could understand what they’1re saying! That’s been the hardest thing. Both of my companions are American so they translate things for me, but it’s so hard not really having any idea what’s going on around me. But the missionaries here and the mission president and his wife so my Portuguese is great for just getting here and that I’m pretty far along with it. That’s good, but it’s hard being patient and not being able to speak very wel
    When people are talking I just stare so intently and get all of the words I can understand, but have no idea what the main story is. And then if they ask me a question I realize I had no real idea what they were talking about and then my companions will do a little translating for me. :) When people talk I do a lot of smiling and nodding and saying “sim!” and “obrigada!”. I’m excited to be able to tell people what I want and express myself, but just trying to enjoy this time now where I look like a foooool. :) The people here are wonderful though. And I’ve learned so much this past week. 
    And missions aren’t supposed to be easy. I’m not out here for a vacation. I’m out here to work. These people need the gospel. Everyone does. So all day everyday we do our best to share it.
    With only being here for six days and just trying to get used to things and understand people, its hard to see the fruits of my labors. But I know this is where I’m supposed to be right now and I’m doing exactly what I need to be doing. 
    We taught tons of lessons last week, especially on Christmas eve. Our mission president said if we completed our weekly goals before Christmas, we could sleep in on Christmas day and have more free time, and by free, I mean time to study ! :) Which is fantastic. I just really don’t get enough study time everyday. Weird how that’s happened. 
     So Christmas eve was a complete down pour. So much rain. And we’re just walking around trying to finish up our lessons and contacts. Twas lovely. And we got all our goals done and slept in until 8 on Christmas ! Yippee skippee! And then we stayed home until about 1 and just studied and stuff. It was so excellente. 
     This was the weirdest Christmas ever. But it was still good. But of course I missed home and snow and more Christmas decoration and musica and of course my family! But I got to skype with my fam bam on Christmas and it was like the best 45 minutes ever! It was sooooo good to seee their lovely faces and hear their wonderful voices. And I’m sure my call on Mothers Day will come soon soon. :)
     All day on Christmas we spent at this member family’s house. We ate and listened to Christmas music and played uno and of course watched some sweet church videos. :) 
  The members of the ward here are so hospitable and wonderful. We go to a member’s house every day for lunch and they just prepare a feast for us every day, with rice and beans of course at every meal. But after being super ful lwith luch (since lunch is their big meal here and not dinner), its hard to go back out and work in the hot sun when you just want to tak ea nap. But I’m onlly her efor so long and you have to take advantage of every hour.
    Well familia and amigos, I miss you all and hope life is grand! Life is grand here for me of course, because there’s nothing better than being a missionary and immersing your self in the gospel and studying and praying for than ever before! 

Sister Chelsea Rae Owens
Missão Brasil Vitória
Avenida João Batista Parr, 633 Sala 1501
Praia do Suá
Vitória-ES 29052-123      BRASIL