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23 February 2011


Two Months

23 February 2011

Today marks two months in Brasil! Weirdo. Kind of feels like I’ve been here forever, but it feels like I just got here. We’ve got one week left of this transfer and I think they’ll be some definite changes. I tihnk I’ll stay here, but probably get a new companion. You never know though. But you always know that it is exactly the way it needs to be and exactly the way the Lord wants it. 

We still have no baptisms here. Don’t know what is going on. It’s hard though because it really makes you doubt a lot. It’s like what are we not doing right, are we not working hard enough, what more can we be doing, where are those elect that the Lord is preparing? But I guess this is just a down time, which means we’ve got A LOT of good up ahead somewhere. There’s always lots of good ahead. 

Portuguese, I love it of course. It amazes me a lot of times when I realize how much I’m understanding, especially at church. There’s still an endess amount of words I don’t know, but I can usually get the whole story pretty well. It is so nice not being so lost all the time. But it also amazes me a lot, when I realize how much I don’t understand, how much more there is to learn, and when my mind just draws a blank and I can’t express myself. Ups and downs, ups and downs. :)

I love Brasilians. These people and this culture and this land are fantastic. Trying to still get used to the deathly heat and humidity. It’s a struggle. But at least I’m in an area on the coast right now, with a nice little breeze, so it’s much less hot than other places. Adn it is so nice having sunshine all the time. :)

By the way I got 6 letters yesterday and it was so glorious! Mail is the best ever. Muita obrigada for sending me mail Carla and Cottam fam and Sashie and my fam and Sister Cahoon and Lilly! I love mail and all of the little joyful moments all throughout the day.

I’m so grateful to be here right now. I can’t imagine my life without this and without these experiences. Everyday is a blessing.
I love minha família. I love being a missionary. I love Brasil. I love português. I love rice and beans. I love teaching people about the restored gospel. I love eating fruit off trees. I love seeing fruits of my labor. I love wearing skirts and a nametag every day. I love that I’m getting tanner. I love that I am understnading and speaking incredible amounts of portuguese. I love Jardim da Penha. I love my companion Sister Morales. I love finding families and people to baptize. I love the Sorvetes. I love my funny tanlines. I love MOQUECA (this fantastic capixaba fish stew from Espírito Santo). I love VW bugs. I love pretending I’m in a musical. I love the Mexican feast we had last week with Sister Pickett. I love this day of love. I kind of love everything right now.

One thing I do not love… the giant ant-y wasp-y freaky bug infestation we had in our kitchen this week. Oh my goodness it was so awful. Like horror movie status. Ewww. We fetched our landlord and he came over with a can of raid and we were all swatting bugs like mad. Didn’t get to sleep until 12, but nice going to sleep with most of those freaky weirdo creepo bugs gone, and not with hundreds of them in your house.

But yes, I love most other things.