Love Vitoria, Brasil

24 February 2011

I love being on a mission. This is fantastico. Vitória, Brasil is the best ever.
My week started out extra extra supercalifragilisticexpialidocious because I got my Christmas box from home! It didn’t even take four weeks to get here! A Christmas miracle! So I was very very happy about that of course and getting all sorts of goodies and peanut butter. And I got lovely letters too! Mail is the best thing ever. Many mahalos to Carla, Sashie, and Lexxy and Lenny for the the wonderful cartas!
So we haven’t had any batismos yet since I’ve been here. Don’t know why. People are falling through. But we’ve got a couple solid dates marked for some lovely souls so hopefully I’ll have wonderful baptism news soon. It is so nice to see the fruits of your labors.
So some funnies from the week… we’ve met this lady who is kinda coo coo. Definitely a little crazy, but you just can’t help but love her. And she really loves Americans a lot and so she just loved us right from when she first saw us. We were at her house teaching her, and it was super wicked hot, like always, and then her super cool old school red phone rings. And she gets on and starts talking and is just randomly like, “Uma Americana da Alaska está aqui…” So basically like, “I can’t talk right now because an American girl from Alaska is here” and that was about all she said. Anyways, twas quite funny because she’s a bit crazy. But she comes to church on all her own and gets there super early, so tis wonderful.
Another funny, I asked a lady we were contacting if she was going to have a menino or a menina, asking her what she was pregnant with. And apparently she’s not having a boy or a girl, but she informed me just had just eaten a lot at the market. Oopsies! :)
We contacted a girl and her mom who were visiting frmo Rio. The girl was really excited to speak english with us and her mom videoed us all speaking english for like 10 mins. This girl later told the wonderful Sister Morales that she looked like Vanessa Anne Hudgens from High School Musical.
Last night we were talking with this older couple and the man had been baptized but fell away from the church. They were both pretty chatty people and were telling stories for a super long time which a couldn’t really follow. Anyway, the man eventually said that he thought the church needed to change its doctrine. So we just testified that the church definitely does not need to change its doctrine, because the doctrine is Christ’s. And he is at the head of this church. And it is lead through a prophet who speaks with God and directs the Church.
We meet lots of interesting people. I love it. And I’m so excited to meet more of those elect people out here! Ready to have the blessings of the restored gospel!
Boa semana para vocês!

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