27 June 2011

Woo hoo! Today marks 8 months on the mission! Parabéns para mim!
This week was full of highs and lows. And isn’t it great how when we have those lows, we know there has got to be something great ahead. And the highs seem so much better and more glorious when you have a bad day to compare it with. Hooray for opposition!
One of the highlights of the week, making and eating heavenly cookies. Our stove didn’t work, but we got a new one and I made cookies for a district meeting! Our district is so so good. There are four other elders and they´re just so querido! And my companions, oh my love just grows for them everyday. So much fun wandering around, searching for the elect, teaching people, sharing the lovely blessings of the gospel.
My love and testimony of the gospel grows everyday too. How can all of this not be true? It just makes so much sense and it’s all so perfect.
Been reading general conference talks this week. Love love love.
I love you all muitos and am praying lots and lots for you all! OBrigada for the mail and prayers! Tchau! Bye buddy hope you find your dad!

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