The Picketts

1 July 2011

Starting anothe fantastic transfer here in Aracruz! I’m training again and it is soo good. I just love the new missionaries, okay I love all of them. My companion Sister do Prado is so fulll of life and energy and desire to serve! We’re working lots and lots and are so sleepy and tired every night.
Our dear President and Sister Pickett are headed home tomorrow and we’ll be blessed to have President and Sister Araújo now. Oh I will just miss the dear Picketts so so much, but I’m excited for this next half of my mission with the Araújos. And wowza, I’m like halfway done now, weird. :)
Sunday we had a bundle of good peeps promised to go to church, and so we got up nice and early, and walked lots and lots, to take all these peeps to church, but all sorts of things happened and only two ended up going. But one of them is one of the elect! His name is Tiago and he’s getting baptized on the 9th. We taught him the word of wisdom and he just stopped smoking and drinking right away. I love the eleitos!
The mission is the best. I’m learning oodles of goodie things and I just can’t believe how blessed I am to be here.
Boa semana para vocês!

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