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24 August 2011

“Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look at the stars.” -Henry van Dyke
This week… taught 35 lessons, 174 contacts, 20 new investigators, and 6 people at church! Yay! I love when people are at church. And sunday was a rainy day (thank gooooodness), but we still had peeps at church. Yippee skippee!
And then after church we had one of the best lunches ever with like three different families. It was a little churrasquinho festa. :) And the Work and the Glory was on the tele. Oh how I loooove church movies. Especially about the Restoration! Anyways, the members here in Aracruz are wonderful and help us a lot.
This week, did some english teaching. I mean teaching about the Book of Mormon in english. There’s a Dutch man here named Herman who is friend of some members and every single thing in his life is falling apart right now. He doesn’t really speak portuguese but he speaks english so I was teaching him and he’s reading the Book of Mormon and praying and it’s a wonderful getting to know him and to learn from his example. So many things to learn from every single person.
I was talking to some guy on the street this week. His name was Elder.
I love the Pearl of Great Price.
I want a fusca, aka vw bug.
Our new district leader is Elder Gneiting. I was in the mtc at the same time as him. He’s a funny one. :) And now that Sister Morales Elder Jotinha are gone (ps obrigada por peanut butter!!) I’m got to start playing piano, which is lovely of course.
I love you all lots and lots and hope your days are full of joyfuls and progresso.

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