28 September 2011

One word… ITAPARICA!
Yay I’m in Itaparica-Vila Velha! I’m here with Sister Johnson and Sister Nicásio and it is a festa. :) This transfer shall be fantastico! It is way different than my dear Aracruz, but it’s lovely being closer to everything now.

We had transfers Tuesday and twas marvelous! I saw my favorite familia from Jardim da Penha and my dear Alderina was at the rodoviaria too! I looove transfers and tis so good partying with all the missionaries at the bus station for the afternoon. 
And Jardim da Penha opened for sisters again! I was so hoping I would go back, but I’m excited to be in Itaparica now! 

The peeps here are grrrreat. The chapel is fantastic too! And it looks like I might become the ward pianist this transfer. :) 
We’re teaching the cutest little old man named Wolmar. I love these blessed souls! And there’s yummy açaí all over the place! Yay! 

General Conference is this weekend! Can’t wait! The Relief Society broadcast was soooo wonderful and can’t wait to hear more lovely inspired words to orient my life. 

All of the talks and classes and firesides and Liahona and everything seem to be about famílias eternas these days! Yay my favorite thing! Families can be together forever! Iupi!!!

PS When I got the the house in Itaparica (which doesn’t have hot water… poo I don’t like cold showers), there were cookies in the fridge and freezer. That’s a good sign. And we got new mattresses too! All sorts of little blessings every single little moment.


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