Misericórdia! Um ano!‏

11 October 2011

Here’s some lovely pictures from a funny week. We’ve been having some heaven sent rain and it’s not too hot. Hallelujah. But the mosquitos surely are out and about. 

October 6th, I woke up, with one year as Sister Owens!! I also woke up with what appeared to be chicken pox. My goodness the mosquitos attacked me. But all is well. I have now started to use my mosquito net.

We’re finding some lovely souls here in Itaparica. We talked with a girl on the street yesterday who was just sitting on the sidewalk cryign, with a guitar and a backpack. She basically has a horrible life and it’s amazing how the Lord works through others to meet our needs.

I’m sooo grateful to be here. We’re lucky peeps we are.

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