Blog catch up – Happy Thanksgiving

19 January 2012

I’m sorry to Chelsea’s readers… I’ve been such a slacker on updating her blog!!
So here it goes… I have a couple months to update… starting with Thanksgiving :)

Aloha e Happy Thanksgiving! 
Tis my first Thanksgiving outside of the USA and should be quite eventful! Woo hoo! Okay, probably won’t be too icredibly eventful, but I’ll do what I can. And we’ll have lunch with some of our most favorite people in Vila Velha! Almoçooo! 

This week was nice and full of miracles. Miracles happen all day everyday. The people we meet… they’re so life changing. 

We were doing some visits with one of our dear members, Val, and we didn’t have many people to teach. We’re searching for good peeps to teach, but all of the elect are hiding from us. We need more referrals from the members. They know lots of peeps here in Vila velha. Anyways, we were doing some fun little door knocking, and no one wanted to listen. Fantastic. Not really.
But then there was this funny little old man walking down the street and Val looked at him and told us to tlak to him so we talked to him and he basically changed the entire day. His name is Angelo.
He said he was Catholic, and that he goes to church once a year. Then he said he was Pentecostal. Then we asked him which church he goes to and he just started laughing. :) And he was laughing so hard he was knee slapping. I don’t ever want to forget him so I asked if we could take a picture with him. He said no because it’d so be ugly we’d throw the picture in the jungle. :) 

We also met a police officer and he talked to us and told us his life story for a couple hours. Twas grand. He has 46 years, aka he’s 46 years old. He talked a lot about family and when we saw him he was just sitting at his desk reading the Bible. Peeps are very good Bible readers here. Tis gooood. I learn a lot from them.

We may or may not have 3 batismos this weekend. We hope and pray so! But we’ll need a miracle. Good thing miracles happen all day everyday! 

We had stake conference this weekend. It was sooooooo good. I loooove conferências! They talked a lot about FAMÍLIA! THat’s what it’s all about eh? Sim. And that the most important things are family prayer, family home evening, and family scripture study. Families can be together forever! 

Happy Thanksgiving and be thankful alwaysssss! 
Be not weary in well doing. Galatas 6:9-10

Here in Itaparica, Sister Johnson and I have been looking for the elect. And hallelujah, a member gave us a referral of threeeee of the elect. So Adriana, Igor, and Dayane were supposed to get baptized and confirmed this weekend, but they disappeared. And by disappear, I mean that they said we cuold stop by their house to share a lesson and when we went there, everything was packed up and they had moved. Fantastico. Needless to say, we didn’t have three batisms and confirmations this weekend.
It’s been raining a lot here, but it’s fun to get stuck in a good downpour now and again. The elders had a baptism yesterday and it was lovely to see people changing and becoming happier! Leaving the church, started to rain, a lot a lot, and we didn’t have our umbrellas. How lovely. :) 
Thanksgiving we ate with some of our most favorite members and it was grrrreat. Don’t know what we’ll be doing for Christmas or if I’ll even still be here. We have transfers on the 13th of dezembro.
Some wonderful scriptures this week: D&C 9:7-9 adn D&C 6:22-23
The Lord answers and hears all of our prayers. Obrigada for praying for me and know that I pray for you too

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    So happy to read about Chelsea! I’ve been missing her blog updates. She brings so much joy to our lives and it’s always great to see her pictures.

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