I love Quissamã!

25 January 2012

I love Quissamã! It’s the last week of the transfer and I hope that Sister Cunhazinha and I will stay together here another transfer or two. We’re seeing so many miracles and milagres and so many good things! The frequency was up to 56 on sunday! We brought lots of new peeps to church and lots of less actives are coming back. Yay! And baptisms every week! Including a miracle baptism this saturday that came out of no where. Woo hoo!
But when you have faith and do what the Lord asks you and work a lot a lot a lot, you see miracles! Yay! There’s lots of little (and big) angels working around here helping us share the gospel and bring happiness to people’s lives. Make the world a better place than when you found it.
Muito obrigada for all the letters and little packages and love that you all send me. Makes me a happy little Sister Owens.
Sister Cunha and I get home every night so tired and sweaty because it is soooo hot here. I put my hands in the freezer today and pretended it was snow. Thank goodness there’s a lovely little wind here. But it is all worth it and I hope I stay here in Quissamã and that Sister Cunha stays here too!
I’m learning lots of lovely things and we’re teaching wonderful people and I love them all so much. We’re teaching a guy who wants to get baptized and receive the gift of the holy ghost so badly, but he is not understanding that he has to keep all of the commandments in order to do this and to have the spirit. We had his baptism planned for this week (in a lake!) but we’ll work with him a bit more, do some sweet fasting, and next week it should be all good. :)
And I found out that someone we were teaching in Itaparica is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ! Woo hoo! No effort is wasted. Every leaf counts!
Been watching the Preach My Gospel dvds too and they are fantastico! Life is so funny and weird on the mission. It’s like the world outside of my little area doesn’t exist. You forget about music and movies and things of normal life. You gain such an eternal perspective and just want to help others do this too.
Because basically the Second Coming is coming and now is the time to prepare (Alma 34:32), a hora é agora! :) Good thing God loves us so much to send Jesus Chirst to be our Savior and that He always forgives us of the errors and sins we commit time and time again. But Heavenly Father’s plan is perfect, and He will do everything He can to help us, but the choice is ours.
Thank you all for being so lovely and have a happy day and week and life! :D

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