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23 January 2012

Hoppy New Year!
New Years wasn’t too eventful here in Quissamã, but twas lovely.
Sunday morning we met with the leaders of the branch to (buscar?)
fetch a bunch of lovely souls that promised to go to church. It was
raining and peeps don’t really like going to church in the rain.
But… there were a few faithful that came with us! Woo hoo! And the
frequency was up to 35 this week. Hallelujah. It needs to just keep
going up so that the church building can be built here. The meetings
are held in a rented house and it is not too nifty, fazer o quê né? I
loooove Quissamã and this transfer is gooooooooood good good.
First of all, let’s talk about saturday, new year’s eve… João got
baptized! Woo hoo! He was a tender mercy from the Lord and he is super
fantastico! He’s got a looot of biblical knowledge and faith and is
sooo good. And recent discovery.. he’s a pastor. :) He didn’t ever say
anything to us but you can tell he’s done a lot of churching in his
time. :) But we asked him and sure enough, pastor João, new and
faithflu member of the Church of Jesus Christ. And sunday afternoon he
was already doing visits with us. Yay! I looove finding the elect.

We’re teaching lots of peeps here in this wonderful place, so many to
teach. And it is so wonderful when you find those elect, who are
waiting for the restored gospel. We had some baptisms marked for this
week too, but we all have agency and make our own choices and
unfortately, some people choose not to live or accept the gospel. But
agency is wonderful and so central to Heavenly Father´s perfect plan.

What else… we have zone conference this week! Woo hoo! Here in
Campos. So yay I’ll get letters again and we’ll get another nice box
of Book of Mormons to give to all of Quissamã. I love this place. And
the members are really wonderful, the few that go to church at least.
:) There’s a lot of less actives here too, who are also wonderful, but
need lots of help in coming back to church. It’s not too easy, but it
is always worth it to the what God wants.

PS Good news… I just saved a bundle on car insurance by switching to
geico. Okay, not really, but actual good news… I found some celery!
I looove celery (especially with delightful peanut butter) and I
haven’t had any in over a year. I’ve never seen it here, but
hallelujah I found some this week.

There is so much to do here in Quissamã. Sister Cunha and I are
working a lot a lot and doing everything we can think of to strengthen
these souls here. There’s just not enough time! Adn the transfer is
already half over. But we’ve got a bunch more baptisms that will have
to happen in these next three weeks. We’re looking for the elect,
they’re out there. There’s good things and people everywhere!

Time for me to go home and write letters and finish preparing for a
wonderful week. Thank you for your prayers and everything and eu amo
vocês! Feliz 2012!

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