27 March 2012

Sorry I can’t send pictures again. :( My card reader broke and for today, no lovely fotos to send.
But just so you know, we had some grand adventures as always, and taught lovely souls.
–Riding a full full bus for a couple hours, standing up, holding onto a sister’s luggage, in the lovely sunshine and wilderness of Rio.
–waking up at 4:30 to go to our zone meeting two hours away, waiting and discovering that the bus was on strike, so we call our ward mission leader/hero at 6 am and he asks us if our house was on fire. :) But he took us to another bus stop 30 mins away, and we waited and waited and waited for a bus to pass. And then when one passed it only had two spaces. And seeing as we are in trio now, twas a no go. So our only option to get back to Quissamã… continue on to another city outside of our mission boundaries and into the boundaries of Mission Rio de Janeiro. :) So that’s what we did and it was lovely and I saw some beautiful ocean and beach.
–On my way to a siriguela tree (a most glorious little fruit of happiness), was almsot bit by a crazy dog, but he only got my skirt. I need new clothes. :)
–we moved house this week too and now we have a cute little hosue for me and Sister Cunha nd our new companion Sister Nicascio!
–the Araújos came and hooked us up with nifty bicicletas, much needed. Yay bikes! Which come with helmets of course….
–Had a fantastic stake fireside last night with a seventy, Elder Ribeiro, here. He told us that we are doing wonderful things in Quissamã.
I lvoe this blessed place and am happy here and Rio is wonderful!
We baptized a cute little old man with 76 years named Jorge!

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