Hoppy Easter!!

17 April 2012

I love Easter! I love all holidays. Woo hoo make everyday a holiday.
Sunday morning Sister Cunha and I woke up to a nice like Easter egg
hunt left by our Easter bunny Sister Nicascio. Yummo chocolates. :)

It’s my last week. Eeeeee I’m going a bit louco. :) Coo coo’s nest. I
have my sad desperate moments, when I realize I have no idea when I’ll
be able to see these beautiful souls again, and then I have my happy
alegria moments, when I realize that I’ll be in beautiful Alaska with
my beautiful family, moving on to my mission of life.

Tis a bittersweet time.

Life is wonderful as Sister Owens. And the end of my mission is so
glorious. I love it so much. We are having so many wonderful
adventures with our little bicicletas and helmets. And tis a good
thing we use helmets, because we may or may not have had some very
good falls. And everyone recognizes us crazy missionaries better too,
the 3 little fairies who use dresses and helmets and nametags.

I learn so much from the people here, everyone we teach. And Quissamã
is so beautiful. And I could talk forever about the fruit trees. But
it’s the people that I love the most. I just want to hug them all
forever and let them all know how much I love them and how they have
changed my life.

We may never know of the influences we have on people, but Quissamã,
Itaparica, Aracruz, Jardim da Penha, and Pennsylvania have a little
piece of my little heart forever. I haven’t started packing my bags
yet, and knowing me, I’ll probably stay up late finishing things on my
last night. :) This past year and a half I have changed a lot a lot,
but there’s some things of Chelsea that I just can’t take out yet. :)

I am so so grateful to have been a part of the miracles here in
Quissamã. Soon the chapel will be constructed and the church will grow
here. But it depends on each member and their spirituality and desire
to continue the work of the Lord.

This weekend we had another miracle and baptized and confirmed two of
the Lord’s most elect. Soon the rest of their children will become
members of the church of Jesus Christ too. So so many miracles that I
have seen here. So many changed hearts, so many improved lives. The
spirit works wonders and as we trust in the spirit, we will find
eternal happiness! Woo hoo! Felicidade sem fim pessoal, sem fim.

Love Sister Owens

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