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23 May 2012

Lower 48

Santa Cruz Island ♥

23 May 2012
Me, Stacy girl, and Scott ventured out to Santa Cruz Island on saturday.
The fam used to live there before I entered this world.
My uncle and grandad had all sorts of coolio things out there.
Twas a beautiful day.
I wore my sweet colorful tennies.
We took wonderful pictures at Potato Harbor.
Scott with his trophy succulent plant.
Stacy, the trophy wife.
Me with Jaret’s sweet green chest pouch bag.
A natureza divina é perfeita.
lunch time!
the lovebirds
Heeey, who burned down Grandad’s palm trees? Not nice.
It was a very lovely, very happy, very beautiful day! 
I love these peeps and these places. So many blessings.