Lower 48

Farnworth family fun festa

30 June 2012
at Zion Ponderosa ranch resort.
[the house we stayed at]
 There was a panda,
and some beautiful trees, 
 and lots of Farnworths.
[grandma with her grandkids there and plus four who weren’t. yay cousins!]
We played by the pool. I foolishly didn’t use sunscreen and got friiiiiiied.
 But the next day I wore sunscreen. 
Twas great playing with my cousins and all their kiddos.
We also went on a great fourwheeling/atv adventure.
It was b.e.a.utiful in those mountains.
And as always, it was beautiful in the trees.
And there were some coolio windows.
 And we played dippity, dippity, dip. :D 
A Farnworth Family Reunion classic.
And we played the $5 game too… another classic.
And uncle Marky won $150!!!! Perfeito.
There were many lovely families there and so many beautiful children.
We had lots of lovely times together laughing and eating and chatting.
 On the drive home we went through Zion National Park and I saw checkerboard mesas. :)
Then dear uncle John and I stopped at the St. George temple.
I love road trips.
And I love family fun times.

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