these days

3 June 2012

All I do these days is play with these two little rascals. I feel good about that. Sleepovers. Storytelling. Picnics. Creating mail. Foto taking. Tie-dye parties (and I have just made my best tie-dye shirt yet, which I have worn consecutively the past two days.)
It is very nice to be home again. Although I certainly do miss testifying of the restoration and plan of salvation. But I did have an excellent mini missionary lesson yesterday evening in the harbor.
I am quite content and grateful for what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen. I have spent a good time pondering over these happenings while sitting in trees. One such evening in one such tree, I even got shot in the arm with a bb gun, which was awesome, and didn’t leave too much of a mark. 
It is stake conference weekend. The adult’s session tonight was SO excellent. Such a good spirit. I love the gospel and doing good things and feeling goooooood. Love it.
PS Look at this perfect picture I found in my photo booth. Right before I left on my mission to Brasil! This is so classic.

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