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12 July 2012


Home in Alaskaland

12 July 2012

I have much blog catching up to do.

But good news, I got done cleaning boats at 6:30 tonight!
Which I think is a first in all my seven summers of boat cleaning. 
Tis lovely being home again and I’ll soon post on the rest of my Utahn adventures.
This was the highlight of the trip though, being at the sealing of my dear mission companion and her eternal companion, along with a few other returned sisters and Presidente and Sister Pickett! 
But it is grand being back in my Alaskan homeland. 
This beautiful niece and I tried to scale a little bluff to go on a beach walk.
And yesterday we had a grand kayak adventure in Kachemak Bay!
I love summer.
PS I came home from Utah to oodles of letters from my lovely missionary friends. I love missionaries too.