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14 July 2012

Alaska, Lower 48

week two of Utah fun

14 July 2012
tuesday. 3 de julho.
A breakfast with my peeps from the BYU Jerusalem Center!! We arrived in the Holy Land 3.5 years ago, and it’s never been the same since. :)
 There were lots of fires in Utah land. Eeeee.
 And I saw Sara! She’s from my lovely homertown.
 And I sat in front of the temple and pondered a bit. Tis good to take time for that.
wedenesday. 4 de julho.
a patriotic visit with grammie :)
 My dear mother and aunty and I went to uncle Marky’s and cleaned up his room and organized his stuffs and fed him dinner. Twas grand.
And since it was the 4th of July, I ate smores and played with sparklers and watched fireworks with beautiful Jenny, who is with child. :)

thankful thursday. 5 de julho.
July 5th, the day that both of my grandmas were born. Naturally, I went out to celebrate with some Provo Bakery goods. And I got to do it with this lovely lady, Carolyn, who was my mission companion in Pittsburgh, PA when I was there for a few days waiting for my visa to Brasil. Twas so grand catching up and seeing her happy life.
And of course we all had a party for grandma and got together and ate. :)
And I visited my MTC companion and met her fiance! I’ve had many marvelous memories with this Lori girl. We spoke portuguese, and I must say, we’ve improved muchly since our mtc days. 
 Then I went back to the Farnworth home to say goodbye, and came upon these sayings of the my lovely aunt Pam, who is greatly missed. One is the Touch of the Master’s HandRead it. Or watch it.

friday. 6 de julho.
Twas the awaited casamento eterno of Sister Morales! My first companion when I got to Brasil on my mission.
 This was such a happy moment with my fellow missionários de Missão Brasil Vitória.
 I also went to the Oquirr Mountain temple!
 With this lovely brasileira/americana that I met at the mtc long ago. This was grand. And one of her cousins is in my mission. I love mutual friends. :)
Then back to the Joyce + Spencer reception!! Meet the Schwenke family.
 Saw a couple other returned missionary friends too! Funny seeing everyone without the name tag.
 Then Mom and I stopped by the Orem City Cemetery to remember good times with Pam and Grandpa.
saturday. 7 de julho.
Mom, Grandma, and Connie took me to the SLC airport, and then they went to go play in slc with their cousins and more family. :) I flew home and met cool peoples in the airport.
There’s no place like home. And there’s no people like family.