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20 July 2012


some joyfuls

20 July 2012
My mama flew home on tuesday! Yay now I’m not alone anymore!
I have been spending much time in the lovely harbor cleaning boats. I do love it. And I love when Annie and I take each other homemade treats. Today included whole wheat cookies with flax and chia seeds and lots of chocolate chips. 
Fantastic moment. Sunday. I gave away um Livro de Mórmon! 
There is a most wonderful brazilian lady who lives here in town and I shared with her about the Book of Mormon and I did it in portuguese of course and it reminded me of the glorious days as Sister Owens.
I went adventure walking with my beautiful nieces, which always brightens my day, even when it’s cloudy and rainy. But I like rain too. :) We need it at times.
Best news ever!!! Penelope Q. Subaru is back in action! Obrigadão Dad! Thank you! Omg I was so happy and still am. I love this car so much. She pretty much completes me.
Did some lovely sunset watching and beach walking.
And I’ve been playing very much with these two little angels in beautiful Alaska.
I love summer. And I can’t wait for my brother and sista and brother in law to get here in a week. Oh happy day!!