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23 July 2012


moosehead point

23 July 2012
This was some wandering from the other week. 
It was Excellent with a capital E.

Well… my dear brother turned 27 on the tenth of julho.
To celerate, we (Dad, Hilary, Chris, Tyler, and I) kayaked across the bay to… 

Moosehead Point!
 This Excursion was made possible by my dearest father.
We found this cool egg shell in the woods.
 As always there were lovely trees.
 Where’s Waldo/Tyler? He’s pushing dead trees down the cliff and into the agua.
 We had some snacks over there too.
 And we kayaked lots and lots. Found pretty sea stars.
 And we found some other beachy peachy treasures too.
 We even tried to take a little nap.
 Twas a very lovely day had with lovely funny peoples.
And then we kayaked some more and more and more.
One stroke at a time, kids.
Thanks Pops. And universe. :)