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26 July 2012


being aunty in alaska

26 July 2012
I am Chelsea. And this is one of my sistas, Holly.

She and her husband Jordin have two beautiful little girlies.
I frequently take them on Adventure Walks.
We occasionally plant flowers.
 We always play in the woods,
and sometimes build forts.
We go exploring and have picnics.
 And we of course play at the new park.
Sometimes we see Alaskan wildlife! 
Pheasants… porcupines…
and chickens…
Natalie and Katy love their chickens.

And we all love sleepovers.
With a sleepover sometimes comes a morning walk,
 which sometimes includes a morning fence climbing in Hammer pants.
 I do love being an aunty to my two little nieces here in Alaska land.
They make me one happy girl and teach me much about life and love.