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August 2012


family fotos!

29 August 2012
Chris was a champ and took our family pictures!
the girls
the boys
and the best picture ever of the best boys
 as famílias poderão ser eternas
Keintz family
 siblings. bffs.
the original six
 Uma família tenho sim. Eles são tão bons para mim.

I miss Jakey boy.

29 August 2012
My dear, soon to be dentist, brother Jake, was home for a month, but now he’s back in New Jersey at school. Wish he were still here with us. I love good times with him, especially when he takes us to the bakery! 
 Holly girl and I took him up to the big city of Anchorage and twas a sad good bye.
 But then I got to go thrift shopping and things improved. I LOVE thrift stores.
 And check out the sweet headband I bought. Score.
 Twas a beautiful sunny day.
 Holly and I went CHAGA hunting.
 And then we cleaned three boats at midnight. :)

29 August 2012

an old family foto from Summit Pass.
I love these family peoples of mine.
Btw, I’ve eaten like 10 cookies today.
Healthy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
Yum. It’s sunny today.
I’m taking the doggies to the beach.



27 August 2012

happy chelsea sort of went away for a while but she should be back now, blogging, wandering, pondering, smiling, musicing, loving, laughing, making, fooding, healthing, everything and anything.

been instagramming (@felizchelsea) and not blogging much. oops.
improvements are being made.
I am so grateful for the restored gospel  and church of Jesus Christ.
And for my favorite things and peoples.

a day with my homegirls :)

14 August 2012
I love that all my favorite ladies have been in the same place at the same time.
My mamacita and my sistas and my angel nieces.
We went to Two Sisters Bakery for some goodies.
OMG I’m so in love with this chocolate bread.
Me and Natalie girl hula hooped outside.
And on the way home, Natalie and Katy and I stopped for a watermelon berry picking excursion.
 We do love our adventure walks.
 And an adventure drive in my Penelope ride is good now and again too.
 We also had a chaga tea party! Yes yes!
 Then I took the girlies to the store because I needed to buy my Dave’s Killer Bread.
 And we went and got a bunch of books from the library! 
And we got some dove promises from a lovely friend.
Theeeeeennnn… we ate a giant pizza.
 And Chris took our family pictures. 
A most excellent day.

grumpy kayak day

14 August 2012
Scott, Stacy, Dad, and I paddled across the bay a few days ago.
I was grumpy pants.
I did not want to be there and I did not want to be doing that.
 I did bust out a smile for a picture with Pops.
 But I was not too happy all morning long.
Don’t know why. 
Crazy lady.
 But these three peeps here are excellent kayak companions, and brought smiles to my grumpus pumpus face.
 This little leaf made me happy too.
 And the sunshine was a huge plus.
 What made the biggest difference was me having a solo dance party on the beach to I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by the Proclaimers. It’s totally one of my new most favorite songs and makes me a happy girl.
The end of the day was lovely with a food party complete with salmon fish kabobs.

I enjoy these things.

11 August 2012
I enjoy playing with my nieces and my Cody boy and making art.
I enjoy all the time spent in my Penelope ride.
I enjoy finding presents, and giving presents, and being present.
I enjoy time spent in perfect nature with my favorite peoples.
And I enjoy studying from the religion student manuals.
I’ve been enjoying so many things with such lovely people that I have been blog neglecting. 
“I’m a bad boy!”
And right now, I’m about to go enjoy some time camping across the bay.
Yes, Matilda Hilda Ukulele will be joining me, because she makes things more enjoyable.

West Homer Elementary

9 August 2012
I went to my elementary school the other day and it was so weird.
I saw the place where I threw up strawberries in the hall.
I remembered my Quest days when I’d read books and drink hot chocolate with Mrs. Ladd.
I thought about fun times in music class.
I pondered about being a teacher. Still sounds good to me.
And I saw the school pictures on the wall.
Can you spot Chelsea in her 3rd – 6th grade days?


playing with the kiddies

2 August 2012
I like to adventure with the kiddos.
My two nieces are my favorite.
We made a lego house for the cat.
I took them to the Timeless Toys to spend their monies.
They played puppy. 

There’s lots of other cool kiddos too. And we play in the forest.

The Bradshaw kids came over too. So of course we went exploring.
 On our exploration to the bridge, I got verrrrrry allergic.
 But we did made wishes with dandelions!
So it all works out in the end.

a sunny thursday and a rainy saturday

2 August 2012
a lovely thursday evening bonfire with good friends and good s’mores
The elders stopped by and shared a spiritual thought with us. 
I looooove missionaries.
 And we loved the sunny days!
 Then came the rain. We like some rain too.
 The nieces had a sleepover with me and Mom.
In the morning, we journeyed to the Farmers Market and the Street Faire.
And a stop at Two Sisters Bakery too! 
omg such good chocolate bread…
Then my dear Penelope girl got sick at Islands and Oceans visitors center.
Her alternator went bad, but most fortunately that car is a trooper and she never dies.

not dipnetting :)

2 August 2012
While Holly and Jordin and peeps went dip netting, I spent my time with these two little ladies.
Katy and I took Natalie girl to swim lessons. So cute.
 And then we went to the store to buy a $12 bag of cherries. :)
They had to ride in this cart.
 Then we made rainbow potato vegetable medley soup!
 And had a picnic on the floor. Yummy veggies.
 And the day would not be complete without making cookies! 
Natalie made big humongous giant cookies and all of Katy’s were tiny and little.
I do love a good mini cookie. You can it like ten and it’s a-okay!
On day two of our adventures, we got Cody and played on starfish beach.
Had some ukulele and harmonica fun.
 And we had the best picnic ever, with the best picnic basket.
Katy girl snapped this shot. Nice work.
A happy time had by all.

dipnetting at china poot

2 August 2012
two weeks ago. a morning to the office :). for a dip netting adventure.
I love my Homer Harbor. And my family peoples. And Alaska.
 Me and my sista Holly girl had a fabulous time dipnetting.
OMG so many fish.
One dip in with the net and out come 6 red salmon!
It’s a miracle!
Came home with our limit of 54 fishies.
Another sucessful excursion on the Arctic Assault.
PS As I was trying to catch one last fish, the cold swift water took me off my feet and swept me downstream! Watch the video on facebook. It’s so good and funny!
I did get some pretty wicked bruises though. :)


2 August 2012

it. is. august. wow. za.

Much has happened lately.
I have lots of blog updating to do.
And journal updating.
And I need to ponder on life and my future plans.
Where to go? What to do?
But tis nice to be freeeeeee.
Especially now that Penelope (my sweet subie ride) is back in action.

Firstly, do you believe I have finally entered the iPhone world.
And I am loving it muito.
My first iPhone picutre:

And one shortly after.

FISH KABOBS with the fam bam.
I love playing with these peoples.
Jakey and the parents and Carol and the nieces were around too. :)

I just love being all together. Yahoo wamu!
And these iPhone parties are grand.

Família is the b.e.s.t.