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September 2012


mateus 13:1

19 September 2012

Chris and I have been teaching seminary for the past week.
Omg I love it and I love seminary.
And I love the New Testament and studying it like in my Jerusalem days.
I love coloring lovely scriptures rainbow.
I love rainbows.
“The same day went Jesus out of the house, and sat by the sea side.”
That’s what I need to do.
Right this second.
Tchau tchau.



10 September 2012

I love sundays.
I cleaned no boats this sunday too. Divine.
So I got in a sunday nap.

And a sunday journaling session.

It was a sunny sunday, which are usually the best kind.


yum yums

10 September 2012
I love chocolate. 
A lot. And lately I have been feeling the need for lots of it. :)
Lisa, Holly, and I made healthy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies one sunny day.
I ate unhealthy amounts but still feel preeeetty good about life. 
I have also found myself addicted to chocolate bread from Two Sisters Bakery.
Chris and I went on a chocolate bread and hot chocolate date and it was yum yum yummy.
And my beautiful mother surprised me with a chocolate bread yesterday morning too! :)
I somehow ended up at McDonald’s twice in one night too.
I’m not a McDonald’s fan really and never go, 
but sometimes a baby cone calls your name.
And sometimes a rolo mcflurry shouts for you too.
I brought some ultra mini cupcake cups back from Brasil, 
and so my amazing sista Holly girl made mini cupcakes! 
And my dear ol’ father had a birthday.
These glasses were a salvation army find that I gave to him two years ago as a birthday present. tee hee. Found them again and gave them again! I’m sure he loves them.
And since Pops was joking that I just sit around eating bon bons all day, 
I had to buy some bon bons for his birthday celebration.
PS I got out of my car at the grocery store and almost stepped on a soggy poptart.
I love yum yums.
And I love fresh carrots from the farmers market!

up to? up to?

10 September 2012
Cody is my beach buddy.
We went on a few beach excursions this week and it was lovely.
 I still spend time in the harbor everyday, scrubbing boats and making some monies.
I’ll be doing this until I leave my Alaska land in a few weeks.
 And I play with these two little girlies everyday!
I love them to pieces and they make me sooo happy.
We go on lots of adventures and I am not looking forward to leaving them.
Life has changed since my iPhone, Gladys, came into my existence.
I no longer use my camera to take pictures and I don’t use my computer very much.
My computer, Lucy, is at the doctor’s anyways.
I just have the world at my fingertips with Gladys around though. :)
Went to the temple this weekend and watched an Elder Holland fireside.
I love being home and with all these peeps I love!
But nossa gente, it’s getting chilly! 
At 4 am I noticed it was a mere 35 degrees!