2 May 2013

My roommates and neighbors and friends this semester are so super fantastic.
So beautiful inside and out.
We went on many great adventures.
And we ate lots of yummy food.
Here’s just a few pictures from the last few weeks of the semester.

This is Taylor. On March 31, she was the Easter bunny.
Then comes April 1 and she’s the April fool.
She got me good with one of the oldest tricks in the book of taping back the sink hose sprayer.
I got soaked. So funny. She loves April Fools Day.

We had lots of good beach days.
This day included a green smoothie with Alyssa and Tor!

I discovered snapchat.
Alyssa sends me so many great snapchats.
I love that girl to pieces.

I made lots of yummy foods this semester.
Here’s some coconut chocolate bread! So yum.

And the last few weeks of the semester involved lots of studying.
Sometimes I’d fall asleep.

Studying together is much much better.

Yay, I love everyone!

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