2 May 2013

Oh my goodness it is always such a fantastic day.
In fact, one of my most favorite days of life was Easter 2009, when I was in Jerusalem.

My roomies and peeps and I stuck with the classic egg dying tradition.
I was a little tired and hungry and grumpy and that’s always funny.
But oh I love these kids.

Aaaaand when I woke up in the morning, easter bunny Taylor came! I love her. And it was so nice to get easter goodies.

When I came downstairs Easter morning, I discovered we had melted another plastic plate in our oven. Oops. We call it art.

Easter was fast sunday. I had a good, purposeful fast. And I just remembered that when I got home from Jerusalem four years ago, I spoke on fasting. Giving talks in church is grood.

After church we had a homemade pizza feast.
It was so great and so fun and I love everyone.
That rhymed.

Then we had an easter egg hunt!

Hopping only of course.

It was such a happy day with blessed souls.

But remember, Easter is all about Jesus and the resurrection.
“He is not here, for he is risen.”

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