Alaska, Hawai'i

Homer. Home. Homies.

2 December 2013

I cannot wait to go home for Christmas break!
Gah so excited!
I can’t wait to play with my precious nieces. And to sit around with my mom and my dad and my sister and my brother-in-law. And to go to church in my favorite Homer ward.
I’m excited to sit by the fire and get cozy and warm.
To see my breath when I’m outside in the cold.
I’m excited to make snow angels and build snowmen.
Btw, building a snow person takes a lot of work.
I’m excited to have Chris play with his puppy.
And for us to take her on walks in the woods.
I’m excited to be pretty tan compared to all the whiteys at home.
I’m excited to be out of school for a bit.
I’m excited for HOME.
And for winter.
A week and a half and Boy and I are headed off island.
North to Alaska!

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