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8 September 2014


dia 7 de setembro and thoughts while Chris is gone

8 September 2014

Shabbat Shalom.
I’m about to go clean boats. How it will be glorious when my evenings are not filled with boat cleaning! It has slowed down a lot the past week and peeps haven’t been fishing as much. I probably have two weeks left, or until they shut the water off in the harbor.
I’ve had a lot of difficult nights boat cleaning this summer, mostly just because I was so resistant to being there and made it hard for my smelf. Chris has helped a lot. Cleaning boats with him is soooo great. We’re so speedy at it and make lots of monies.
All of the boat and cabin/lodge cleaning monies from the summer will go to BRAZIL! We’ll journey south the spring for a while and we’re so excited. I think it’ll be one of the happiest, most joy filled times of my life.

Speaking of the beloved country of Brasil, it’s their independence day today! Naturally, I had to wear my Brazilian flag earrings. Not sure why I don’t wear them more. But I shall.

Chris comes home tomorrow! He left on Tuesday and I’ve missed the boy. But there definitely is some truth to the phrase, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” With him gone, I realize how lovely it is with him around. This week has been better for me than his last work trip “outside” (which for us Alaskans means “the lower 48” or just the states outside of Alaska), and I got some good hanging out done. :)
I watched season one of Reba, I organized our cupboards and food storage, and I put an awesome giant vinyl sticker of the world on our wall, which eventually fell off due to the crappy paint that we haven’t painted over. Miss Edelweiss and I have had some good bonding time and beautiful walks in the forest, so that has been good. I haven’t really eaten much while Chris is gone, just a lot of trail mix. And I did get around to making some smoothies. I’ve just been too lazy to make food for one person.

Hmmm what else can I ramble about to procrastinate going to the harbor… I guess I’ll just share some pictures. :) I love the Manti temple. We’re planning on getting sealed there this December. Magical. Cheers.

PS my blog needs a makeover.