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9 September 2014


new blog in progress

9 September 2014

With the help of my handy dandy husband (not notebook), my blog is currently under a grand renovation. How exciting! 

Last night, Chris and I made efforts to have a family home evening type thing. It involved us eating yummy salmons and kahuku grill fries/roasted potatoes, and we played some guitar, and then we watched a couple mormon.org videos. These activities aren’t really out of the norm, but we did say a closing and opening prayer, so we can basically call it FHE. 
Then after our videos I was telling him how I wanted a blog makeover and showed him a few templates I found on etsy. Then we got on themeforest.com and saw a bunch of super cool designs, and he convinced me to switch from blogger to wordpress. And we went to godaddy.com and I got my very own url! Exciting. Then he spent a while getting my new theme and wordpress and url and blog set up, as I struggled to keep my eyes open. :) It’s still a work in progress but I’m excited about it because it’s much much better than what I’ve got going on right now here at happychelsea.blogspot.
And good news, all my old posts and info will transfer over to my new blog, and it should just forward directly to the new site. I’m glad Chris knows so much about this stuff. It’s surprising all the things he knows. And I’m sooooo happy he’s home and I’m happy it’s raining today.