pineapple days

28 October 2014


Chris has been gone for 9 days so far, 3 more to go. He’s on a business trip doing great aviation things with great aviator people. We miss each other a lot though. Life makes so much more sense together.

In his absence I have grown to love our pup Edelweiss a lot more though. My liking to her has been growing all summer and lately it’s reached the love level! Not sure why I was so resistant to her, but I’m glad I’ve opened my heart because I really appreciate her. Good little Edel cradle.

I feel lots safer with her around too, especially when honey husband is gone. There’s not really much I need to be afraid of, but sometimes I get afraid anyway. It’s nice to know we’ve got a good protective pooch around.

Anyway, with Chris gone I’ve done some good productive and helpful things, and also some less productive, laying in front of the heater moments, on my phone, and continually checking various social media, instrgam being the preferred media.

I’ve been looking lots through our old fotos though, and that’s where this giant pineapple picture came from. Those pineapple days were soooo good. And the days now really are good good now too.


Also… I played volleyball tonight with a bunch of Homer’s lovely community members and it was soon fun and great! I loved it. Made me really happy and glad and it feels great to exercise.

Also, I’m so happy to live so close to a bunch of my favorite peeps, aka family.

Also, our kitty Bel just sneezed, precious. And she’s purring up a storm. So glad Christopher dear will be home soon!

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