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5 November 2014


november 5th

5 November 2014


I hope my gratitude posts don’t become shallow and redundant. I really am grateful for my life, how it is, and who I am. I’m grateful for the things that refresh my perspective on my life, myself, and on others.

I’m grateful when Chris leaves my toothbrush ready for me to brush away! It makes it much more desirable to brush my teeth. :)IMG_9694

I’m grateful that I get to make tasty healthy food for me and Christopher. I’m grateful for his kisses. And when we look at the sky together. I like looking at the moon. And the stars. And the sun. JK, I’d recommend not looking directly at the sun.

I’m grateful for how I feel happy and rejuvenated after a good mutual activity at church with the young women. Sometimes I do not have the best attitude before I get to the church, but I usually leave feeling much lighter. I’m grateful for that. It was especially lovely to have both of my nieces at the church tonight too, for activity day and for hangout with Chelsea time. :)

Tonight I wasn’t really wanting to go to mutual, since we were watching Downton Abbey and eating salmons and potatoes and I was wearing sweats with lace pockets, but it really turned out lovely and made me happy.IMG_9720