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25 November 2014


November 25th

25 November 2014

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Scary day today. Chris woke up with like a vertigo attack (probably not just because we watched Interstellar last night ;)) and he just kept throwing up and feeling horrible and weak and his eyes were going kooky. He was diagnosed with MS when he was 17 but today was his first ever episode.

I am grateful for good health and for healing. I am grateful for a great physical body that moves wonderfully and feels good. I am grateful for helpful people with such genuine concern. I’m grateful for priesthood blessings, because they always make things so much better and hopeful.

I’m grateful that we can make good decisions, and that we can communicate with good people who offer guidance and love. Aside from our families, Chris and I feel very thankful for our friends Glen and Shona today because they really went out of their way to offer us any sort of help they thought we might need.

On a lighter note, I’m grateful for our neato blankets, and that we have a good couch for laying on, and for falling asleep to movies on (Cool Runnings today, such a classic).

I’m especially grateful to have my Christ honey lover sweet mancub and for the blessing it is to serve each other. Chris has a wonderful family and I do too, and that is very nice indeed. I’m so very¬†really grateful we are together. And I’m grateful for bedtime and the recap at the end of everyday and that Chris is feeling slightly better.