November 10th

10 November 2014

Monday. It was pretty sunny. Most of the snow has melted away. Kooky.


I’m grateful that we had Chris’s business friend/mentor/investor over for dinner. It was a really lovely time. Enlightening and inspiring. I love our home and I’m grateful for the lovely space that we have.

We gave thanks and ate our yummy salmon (that we caught this summer) and stirfry and quinoa. Delish. I’m grateful for the things we’ve been blessed with and how accessible things and information are to us.

I’m grateful for the blessing that it is to talk with others and share experiences and stories. Stories are wonderful.

I’m also grateful for the Family: Proclamation to the World that we have framed on our wall, in portuguese of course.

Also, I’m grateful for the good use of facebook. It is so helpful in keeping in contact and sharing parts of our lives with others.


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