November 12th

12 November 2014


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I love wind. Okay, that’s not entirely true, because there are definitely times (especially in the harbor) when it is too windy and cold for me. What I  love are magical moments that are nice and windy, where I feel peace. Like I just have some great memories of windy moments where I could feel Heavenly Father’s love. With the storm somewhere that I don’t know hardly anything about, our weather here has been a little more cuckoo. Today was quite windy. And it made me feel and think of God’s love and power. I’m grateful for those moments that ground us.

I’m also grateful to my dear family and our times working together. It’s funny and good. We’ve been doing a lot of that lately helping my dad clean out an old house he just bought.

I’m grateful for my precious lovely nieces and the joy they bring me. Oh I love them so so much. They helped me make cupcakes for the young women for mutual. And then of course they decorated some and there were sprinkles (and sewing pins) all around and that is great. They play so well and make me really happy.

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Chris and Dad and I all went to mutual last night and I’m so happy and grateful to work with and serve the youth. For YW decorated lots and lots of cupcakes and it was fun and we shared (and ate) some and that was good. Really grateful for the good influence of the church and gospel in my life.

Aaaaand… grateful for rummikub! I totally love playing that these days.

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