November 15th

15 November 2014

Saturday is a special day; it’s the day we get ready for sunday.

I’m grateful for the lovely Aurora Borealis we saw last night.

I’m grateful that I love making food. It is such a good way to create. We’ve got some nice chicken eggs right now and Chris has been quite into omelets lately, and I like making omelets for him. I’m grateful for that. And oh! I am grateful when the eggz do not get stuck to the pan. Cleaning eggs of the pan is not one of my favorite things to do.IMG_0133Speaking of food, I finished off my hagendaz dark chocolate chip gelato this morning that Chris so lovingly got for me. :) And I ate a bunch of parmesan cheese. I’ve been into yummy (kinda stinky) cheeses lately. Here’s a lovely picture I took for my sister of myself eating parmesan.IMG_0131Okay, bikes, they’re super cool. In Hawaii, I had the two greatest bikes ever – Lola and Charlotte. I got a used cruiser bike here, unnamed and not custom painted yet, but she’s a gem. I’m grateful that I can only think of good times had on bikes. Biking is usually always a good time.IMG_0138I’m grateful for leggings. Goodness yes I am. Especially my snow leopard leggings.

I’m grateful for birthdays. Today is my step niece Lauren’s birthday, and also my dear ol’ friend Katie’s birthday. It’s nice that everyone has a special day.

It’s stake conference weekend. I’m grateful for a husband who wants to grow and improve, and who goes to the priesthood meetings. I’m thankful for the counsel we’ve received and for the small positive changes that happen in my life as I embrace that loving counsel. Small and simple things.

P.S. Our dinner was really yummy. Delicious grilled veggies and our favorite salmons.

P.P.S. my iPhone photos have been uploading weirdly, and vertical pictures go horizontal, so I rotate them, and then they load really funny on my phone. Anyway… yummy food and a day with ups and downs! :) Glad that my days usually always end on a high note. IMG_0141

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