November 26th

26 November 2014

I’m grateful Chris is feeling better than before! He’s still not moving around much, but he didn’t throw up all day! Maybe because of these delicious ginger candies I found at saveumore! jk. The apple ginger ones are good though. IMG_0535Okay, so here in Homer we have Safeway (formerly called Eagle), Kachemak Wholesale, and Saveumore. Can I tell you what, I am grateful for saveumore. It’s sort of like a mini costco, but more expensive of course, but they just have so many cool things there and some really good ethnic food aisles. Lots of great stuff. Their produce sometimes isn’t as good as Safeway’s, but it’s still a good place to go. Really with grocery shopping here, you gotta hit up both places, and in the summer, the farmers market is a must. What I plan for next year, is a little bit of gardening and growing some of our own food. Nothing better than that homies.

Anyway, I am grateful for truck drivers, and stores, and so many many people along the food production process that get potatoes (or bananas or chocolate or squash or bread) from the ground (tree or field or wherever) to the store and to my house. Ideally I’d like us to be able to be as self sufficient as possible with our food, but I am grateful for those who help provide so that I can make a nice lovely meal at home for me and my dear.

At safeway today, I am grateful that I saw my favorite and previous neighbor Kate, Mom, Alan, Jason, and Daniel at the store. How nice it is to live here, and to have a variety of things to buy. Oh!! I am also very very grateful that we have monies to buy things with! Chris does a good job working hard and making monies. We also use a budget/track spending program and app called YNAB. It’s cool and useful to us. Apps are great.

Especially the sims freeplay app. :) Here’s one of my few pictures from the day.IMG_0539

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