It snowed!

23 January 2015

I took this great video like two months ago and it’s just so classic.

So my 1991 Subaru Loyale (Penelope is her name) has been in my family for many moons. I was maybe like 10 when we bought her, and she replaced and slightly older, slightly rustier, silver subaru loyale. So Penelope has gone through all my siblings, and I’m happy she ended up with me. As shown in this video, I’ve been able to use her as not only sweet reliable wheels, but also as an ongoing art project. How perfect. Each summer (since she’s primarily a summer car for me) I add a little more. Whether it be embroidering the seats, sticking pictures and stickers to the sealing and walls, or gluing random plastic toys to the dashboard, Penelope is a nice creative outlet for me.

Chris’s early impressions of me included my Subaru, and so I think he’s always afraid he’ll come home to a bunch of plastic toys super glued to the counters or something. :)

Anywayyyy on the day of this video, I was driving my subaru up to my dad’s house to park it in the snow for the winter. Chris and I really don’t need two cars at all right meow anyway. I figured since I was saying goodbye to Penelope for the winter, I should probably take a video of our adventure. Just to reassure you, I was driving safely and wasn’t paying too much attention to where the camera was facing. And we were fortunate to have a good song playing on K-WAVE 104.9 as I was cruising up the hill.

Oh!! And on the day of this video, it was snowing. And today (and yesterday), it was snowing!! HOORAY. We’d been hoping for snow.

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