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27 February 2015


Kindergarten Teacher

27 February 2015

IMG_3515I had the joyous privilege of substitute teaching in my niece’s kindergarten class for a week. It was so very very wonderful and made me really happy. Those kiddos are just so sweet and cute. There were times when I got a bit bothered with some, but I just love each of them! They gave me lots of hugs and we had a jolly time together. It was such a good good week.

IMG_3634IMG_3689And one of the best parts about being at Paul Banks Elementary, was that both of my nieces are there. So I’d get to seem them at recess and in the hall, and of course Katy was in my class the whole time. And after school they’d hang out in the classroom with me and help me clean things up (and they’d play on the smart board, which they loved). I love those darling nieces of mine, and the kindergarteners, and substitute teaching.

Here’s a picture of me and Edel Cradle sleeping on the floor after a lovely day of teaching and playing.