5 February 2015

Sometimes it’s easier (and more legible) to type than handwrite, though I really do not want handwriting to become even more of a lost art. I haven’t been writing in my journal much lately, but I do take plenty of pictures to document thoughts and moments, and I’m grateful for that. I remember back in the days, before iPhones were very popular, I dreamed of having a device that was a phone, camera, and played music. And how wonderful it is to have that and more in my lovely iPhone! I do check it too often though. I need to disconnect more.

Anyway, lately I’ve been enjoying the white ground and cooler temperatures, especially when my home is nice and cozy with its new natural gas heat. (Someday we’ll have a dreamy wood stove). I’ve made some verrrry good batches of cookies lately, always with the intention to give them to the 6 or so other houses around us. Buuuut, they never last long enough to get to the neighbors. I eat lots and lots of them, and I give them to other peeps that come and go. Anyway, I love cookies. And Chris and I need to deliver to our neighbors. IMG_3060.JPG IMG_3001.JPG I’ve been substituting teaching more, which has been great. I enjoy each day that I sub and the kiddos are good. I’ve mostly been at the middle school lately and it takes me back to those good ol’ days. My mom also works in special ed at the middle school, and it is so nice being there when she is around, since she’s such a gem. Both of my parents are really great. I’m glad I can hang our with them here. IMG_3068.JPG  IMG_3092 I’ve been helping take care of stuff and animals for my sister while they’ve been in Hawaii. This included giving the chickens and cats and dog some L-O-V-E, collecting the chickens’ eggs, and cleaning up powder egg messes that the cats make…. it’s been good. And I’ll be so glad to see them when they get home tomorrow! Hopefully I won’t become bitterly jealous at their tans.

IMG_3086.JPG IMG_3117.JPG Oh! And I had dungeoness and king crab the other night. It was such a great gathering of good friends! But I’m not too in to crab… And oh! We had New Beginnings at church tonight with the Young Women and their parents. It was funny. I love the girls, and I’m really happy to be in YW.

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