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March 2015


‘Ello Poppet

31 March 2015

So let me tell you…. We’ve got a pregnant kitty right now (on the right) and I’m so excited for kittens and for Bel to become a mama. The picture on the left is of Luna, the stray cat we adopted in Hawaii who got pregnant and I was so excited for her kitties. For probably a month, everytime I’d come home or wake up, I was hoping there’d be kittens. But I never got to meet her kitties, but she became a good mama and even adopted a little stray kitten that her new family found or something like that.

We sadly had to give Luna away when we left Hawaii last April. It was so sad when we took her to her new family. :( But it worked out really well and felt right. We would’ve liked to bring her home with us but it wasn’t working out, especially since she was so pregnant. She was a great backpack loving cat who could climb the screen door really well. Luna made our Hawaii days even better. And she started to get so cuddly and would follow us around, even out to the beach! That was because of her pregnancy hormones and such.

Anyway, Luna is in the picture on the left, a year ago, and the other picture is of Bel yesterday! Cracks me up that they look so similar and all this is just a year apart. Kitties yay! We’re excited for Bel to have a litter of kitties.

Also in case you were wondering, I made some grand cookies on Sunday, and ate like 200 of them yesterday. Cheers!


AND OMG yesterday I got a Facebook call, my first Facebook call, and it was Patrícia, her sister Fernanda, and her mom Miria. Those three are some of the beloved people from my mission. Oh it was so good and happy and unexpected to talk with them. <3<3<3  I can’t wait to go back to Brazil, to take Chris with me, and to reunite with my wonderful mission peeps that I love so very much.

Lower 48

Tacoma, WA to Cannon Beach, OR – February 24th

30 March 2015

Road trippin’ with Chris is great (except for the beef jerky that smells like poo; it should not be allowed in cars/airplanes/confined spaces). Last month we spent 10 days in the Pacific Northwest and drove around a lot. We ate some fantastic food and spent quality time with good people. Here’s some of our wonderful moments we had on the ro-ad.

Our first stop was in Olympia, WA at a little food truck village. We were hungry. And Arépa provided us with some nice Venezuelan cuisine as well as a super neato star wars mural on the wall.


The aforementioned beef jerky. Sick.IMG_4016

One of our best stops was in this super magical forest with wonderfully splendid trees. We unfortunately didn’t take the nice camera with us on our hike, but fortunately the iPhone takes pretty grand photos. Wow, I loved our journey through the forest. IMG_4097

Chris’s face means he doesn’t want to smile for pictures anymore and wants to keep walking. IMG_4004

We saw lots of beauty all over and would just make perfect little random stops. IMG_8921IMG_3910IMG_8933IMG_8937

Cape Disappointment was a great stop. It was beautiful and it was fun seeing another lighthouse. It’s nice to read plaques and info cards at the places we go, but that doesn’t always happen. When we were here, there was a nice lady just seated on the ground, looking up at the lighthouse and doing some sketches. What a good time.IMG_8966 IMG_8986 IMG_8980

After we crossed the Colombia River from WA to OR, we hit Astoria! That meant we booked it to THIS GOONIES HOUSE and also the elementary school from kindergarten cop, what a classic.IMG_9009

And then came Seaside, Oregon for a little sunset and dinner. We couldn’t find a place open that we wanted to eat, so we had gelato to dinner. What a delight!IMG_4060IMG_9026


The Aurora

23 March 2015

Oh my goodness, the other night the leprechauns spread some very magical green lights in the sky to welcome in St. Patrick’s day! Wow, the aurora was indescribable. These pictures capture some magic, but when the lights are dancing across the sky and pulsing around, you just can’t take a picture of that. Btw, with my own eyeballs, I couldn’t see any reddish hues, but they do come up in the pictures because the camera was taking in more light than my own eyes, also making the picture more vibrant.

I was in awe.

About 11 pm, our friend Steve texted us and said their were red aurora up the inlet. This is cool. So we got un-ready for bed, put on warm clothes, and Chris packed up some camera gear and laptop and stuff. As Chris was walking out the door, I made some toast; I was hungry. And I love toast.

So we took about a ten minute drive went up to Diamond Ridge to watch the light show. :) The colors that came up were exciting and lovely. IMG_0163 IMG_0177 IMG_0207

After about an hour, we came home, got ready for bed again, and then I looked out our front window and it was fantastic. Northern lights watching from the comfort of our lovely home! Chris went to bed, but I couldn’t. So I grabbed the camera and my snowsuit and a blanket, and Edel and I went outside. It was so awesome possum. Wow. Normally the northern lights aren’t so incredible right in town. But it was amazazing. After about an hour, Chris came outside too. And then we decided we better head up to Skyline to get some pictures of the aurora dancing over Homer.

IMG_0220 IMG_0228 IMG_0231

Up at on skyline, I really enjoyed laying in the snow in my snowsuit, just looking at the sky. It was superb. And when we decided to leave our house, the northern lights started flashing and going from top to bottom like the earth was in a time warp or something. So cool.

With the dancing and flashing northern lights like they were the other night, I felt like a cat chasing a laser. It was perfect.

IMG_0282 IMG_0285

In my 26 years I haven’t seen the northern lights very much. Chris and I have together a couple times this winter. And other than that, I have a few goo childhood memories of my dad waking me up to look at the green glow out the window. And I have a memory of super good and colorful lights when we were driving up the Al-Can (aka Alaska Canada Highway) when I was about 12. We were further north in Alaska then, and it’s usually better up there. So the other night with the grand St. Patrick’s day show, it was pretty unusual and I was so amazed. Thank you solar storm!

Chris and I put some of our pictures on Here’s the link to a few more of the aurora!

Alaska, Hawai'i

Under the Sea

13 March 2015

I shall always miss looking out my window and seeing the enticing blue sea, putting my suit on, walking out my door, across the grass, touching the sand and getting sand all over my feet (and body), and plunging into the Pacific Ocean.

For a few of my years at BYU-Hawaii, I lived in rundown beach front houses. It was a dream (except the cockroaches… sick). I’m so glad Chris and I could share six months of that magic together. Goodness, it was so so good and happy and healthy. I’m so grateful for that island and it’s wonderment.

Btw these pictures were taken with a canon 5d markII and an underwater bag, before we got the GoPro. The GoPro really takes superb underwater and everything pictures and video!

PS I’m really happy here in Homer right now. Though I do miss being tan, I’m trying to embrace my paleness. And I’ll always miss Hawaii, and Jerusalem, and especially my mission in Brazil, but I’m really happy to be HOME right now. I love Alaska and being Alaskan. :)

IMG_9442 IMG_9457 IMG_0384 IMG_0485 IMG_0467 IMG_0435   IMG_9404 IMG_0321


Right meow.

12 March 2015

So apparently our kitty drinks out of the toilet now…

Chris and I are watching Big Hero 6 tonight. It’s super great so far! I’ve laughed out loud multiple times. And then Chris fell asleep. So I paused it and am working on making a couple of Chat Books now! Which I’m excited about. :) I want to make a book for each transfer on my mission, but for now I’m just gonna do like two books with a bunch of the special peeps from my mission, because I don’t ever want to forget them! <3IMG_4913-2Another thing we shouldn’t forget, is that “Jesus está voltando: prepara-te!”

Translated as: Jesus is returning: Prepare yourself!

So I served my mission in Brazil, I’m jonesing to go back, and I love that someone painted this on their house in querido Brasil. Oh how I love so so many people there.



It snowed! PTL.

9 March 2015

I woke up this morning (it’s something I do everyday), looked out our window, and omg snow! So I strapped on my bootstraps, put my Iditarod headband on my head, and opened the front door for Edel to book it outside. The morning light + snow was especially beautiful so I grabbed our camera to do some hands on photography studying.

Chris knows a lot about photography, cameras, lightroom… and it’s so nice. I have a lot to learn about it all. I often capture some lovely photos, but Chris usually does all the editing. I took care of it today though! :) I’m thinking of doing some Kelby training so I can learn more about photography/adobe lightroom, because I love taking pictures and having good photos. It’s really important to Chris and me.

Edel and I were lucky enough to enjoy our adventure walk together this morning, and she ended up being the subject of most of my photos. She posed so well. :) I just love that puppy.IMG_9953IMG_9959IMG_9968IMG_9952IMG_9987IMG_9980IMG_0035IMG_0012IMG_9999IMG_0019IMG_0038


A Sleepover with a Royal Feast

8 March 2015

I love my nieces. So so so much. They bring me lots of joy and peace and love and harmony and goodness. They came over for a sleepover on saturday and we ended up making a little royal feast for dinner, with all sorts of yummy things. Roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli, veggie eggs, sugar snap peas, apples, cheese, and apple juice in the tea pot. While I was preparing food I told the girls to set the table however they wanted and it was so cute. They helped with some food prep too, in between playing the harmonica, recorder, and tambourine.

I have a bunch of musical instruments and music makers in my house, and the girls always go for them when they come over. Sometimes I get tired of hearing a bit too much harmonica blowing, or stick banging, or ukulele strumming, and I want to ask the girls to stop, but I usually don’t. I think it’s great for them to just create music and sounds. And Natalie loves singing too. And Katy is wanting me to teach her some piano, which makes me really happy.

After a slightly frustrating clean up time of dinner and toys, we watched the Book of Life. It was great. And the girls are so funny when they watch tv, or any screen, because they are totally in the zone. They block out everything else by the screen in front of them haha.

Before bed we did a Cosmic Kids yoga video and it was pretty awesome. Super good kids yoga. I really enjoy doing yoga, usually Yoga with Adriene. And then came… snack time. :) This was my favorite moment from the whole day.

*We made them some delicious toast and I cut up a pear for us. After some munching, we got down to the last two slices and I told the girls that was great, one for each of them. Well Natalie and Katy simultaneously ate half of their pear slices, and handed me the other half, making it a whole slice for me. It was so sweet and pure and made me tear up a bit. Those girls are so sweet and kind. Oh how I love them.

Chris slept on the couch (and watched man movies all night haha) and the girls and I slept in our bed. Chris came in and we read the magical book I Like You and then we said prayers together, and drifted off to sleeps.

The girls and I woke up approximately 7:51 sunday morning, and they (especially Natalie) requested I tell them stories of when I was a kid. I remember how I loved hearing my dad tell childhood stories when I was a kid. Stories, really powerful. PS, check out my friends’ Soul Story and pledge a little something. :) Anyway, I told the girls stories of when I was a kid, first days of school, adventures, random memories… it was great. What a great way to start the day.

And then we hurriedly got ready for church, none of us looking our absolute best, but all in fairly good spirits. We didn’t make it to church on time… why is that so hard?! Buuuut we did have a really really great sleepover. And church was enlightening, as per usual. :)

IMG_9916IMG_9919 IMG_9924IMG_9925Chris worked the flash like a champ and got these fotos for us. I love our home and família.


Lower 48


3 March 2015

IMG_4360 IMG_4393 IMG_4423 IMG_4451 IMG_4440


We just got back from ten superb days in the Pacific Northwest! It was most excellent. Very beautiful with lots of yummy food. It was a trip with some work and lots of play and my bestest friends! I loved cruising around with Carla and Chris. Oh it was the best. More pictures to come soon, but these get the message across for now. I LOVE THESE KIDS and ice cream!