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28 May 2015


3 am trip to the loo

28 May 2015

I went on a camp out with the Center for Alaska Coastal Studies with some fun girls to a beautiful place. It was wonderful! It was so nice being separated from normal life and in the wilderness. :) 

At 3 am I woke up sooooo toasty warm and with a full bladder. And this is what it looked like at 3 am. Dusky and preparing for sunrise, which is at about 5 am right now. Sunset is about 11 pm.   

I’m just sitting in the car in the harbor parking lot, trying to convince myself to go get boat cleaning done so I can go home and be with my bff and we can get ready for our youth conference workshop tomorrow. But I’m tired and allergic and wish I had started boats two hours ago! Guess I best mosey on down there now and scrub a dub away. I’m grateful for boat cleaning. It’s pretty good in the hood. 

And I can’t believe summer is here. Where did winter go? Oh, it never really came. :) But everything is green and growing and my allergies are bad and it’s beautiful outside!

PS what’s slightly not normal about this picture? (Other than my hair looking orange) (Hint: meow)