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June 2015


Alaskan summer is a dream.

30 June 2015

Boy oh boy, do I love summertime in Alaska land. It’s very busy with lots of work and lots of play and lots of visitors. I’ve got about a bajillion pictures and words to share of summer moments and memories, but I’ll just share this one from my phone. It’s a picture I took in Whittier while going to the bathroom, before going through the Whitter tunnel and after going on a 26 glacier cruise. Happy times and a beautiful world.




24 June 2015

Yesterday I met a nice lady. And she casually asked, “so what is your passion?” 

The question surprised me and I didn’t really know how to answer. What a good thoughtful question and an excellent way to get to know someone. 

When I’m cleaning boats, a lot of people pass and we exchange the fairly empty “how are yous”, but there are plenty of people I have great conversations with in the harbor too. What a great workplace it is. 

My kitten is attacking me right now. She’s so cute. :)

What is your passion?


Mothers and Flowers

23 June 2015

Both are beautiful and wonderful and have a grandiose purpose. Being a flower would be quite nice, but I can’t wait to become a mama bear! I love having my mother and mother in law here in Homer together. What great women. 



Seeing Amigos     

17 June 2015

 I’ve ran into some good ol’ amigas lately! Lately means the past four months. Today I went to two sisters bakery with Kathryn and met her precious one month old girl. I’m grateful for friends and for catching up and seeing the great things people do, and the great ways they are. 
Also, my bestest buddy Carlita gets here soon!   





Polar bears

14 June 2015


Ah… Blissful (and busy) Alaskan summers. It’s so nice when some of the ice melts so we can go swimming! ;)

We had a combined girls camp/scout camp last week and it was so wonderful. Wednesday we hiked here to Grewingk glacier lake, and it was a beautiful day with not very many bugs! The main purpose of camp was the grow closer to the Lord, and I believe everyone did! Success. And lots of fun. 


back to boat cleaning

2 June 2015

IMG_6325Edelweiss has been my boat cleaning buddy lately, which is lovely. Chris will be my boat cleaning buddy tonight, which is most superb. I really need him down there with me tonight; it’s been a busy bee day. Life has been pretty busy for both of us lately. I suppose that’s how our AK summers are right meow. We’ve got lots of visitors all summer long, lots of work, lots of play, and plenty of church commitments. Girls camp and scout camp are next week, and it’ll be fun and wonderful, but takes work to get ready for. Work is good though. You now what else is good… chocolate bread and kittens and green and sunshine, and the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is even kinda good. :)