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6 September 2015


Sunday love

6 September 2015

I love going to church. I love the feeling when I follow the spirit.  I love personal progress. I love the young women here. I love that I had no boats to clean tonight. I love my home. I loved when my nieces and I built a fort in it last week and we stayed up till 3 am and I made brazilian rice and beans and rice krispies and we watched Egyptian cartoons and documentaries. I love my nieces. And I love their parents. My sister and her husband are a blessing to my family. I love them and they love each other.

I love my dad. It’s his birthday today. he is one of the coolest beans I know. My family, each of them help me a lot, and I love being with them. I love God and that he has given me such good, good people. IMG_0821