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12 September 2015


One boat, lots of wind, and too much chocolate 

12 September 2015

What a delightful saturday. My dear mother picked me up this morning, just after 8, so I could go to my sister’s house for a little bit and watch her girls. I look young in this picture, like 12, maybe because I just woke up. At least I’m wearing my favorite blog reader‘s Brooklyn sweater!  

I had a great morning with the girls. I love being with them. Sometimes I get frustrated, but usually it’s just fun and I learn lots from them. Today, Natalie (8) and I were staring at each other and she told me I have hair on the end of my nose. Funny girl. Then she said we have hair all over our faces so pretty much everyone has a mustache.

I cleaned a house on the bluff this afternoon and the view was spectacular. It’s sometimes such a joy to clean up on the hill, because it’s so beautiful from there.

This afternoon I cleaned out my ol’ trusty (and rusty) Penelope Q. Subaru. The dust was caking on her (and all the little plastic toys glued to the dash) and it was overdue for a cleaning! It feels much lovelier and less embarrassing in there now.

Man, I ate a load of chocolate tonight. I feel kinda sick. And dinner was so delicious and nutritious, so I don’t know why I felt the need to wash it down with chocolate haha.

Today I got the GREATEST MAIL ever! It brought me so much joy to hear from Ezio and Jeane, and to see a picture of their sealing two years ago at the temple. Those two… Oh how I love them!!! They’re some of my very very most favorite peeps from my mission and people I think about most days.  

When Chris and I are home together in the evenings, we watch movies usually. He continues working and I do random stuff. Today I colored.

Beautiful beautiful harbor views!! 
I’m sleepy. Time to cuddle with my bestest boy Christopher! Hope you enjoyed these photos and random words and thoughts that might not string together very well. :) Peace out girl  scout.