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Consulate General of Brazil

23 September 2015

I’m glad the Brazilian tourist visa stuff is out of my hands now. Ever since we bought our plane tickets to Brazil just over a month ago, the visa stuff has stressed me out a lot. I was so worried we wouldn’t get to go to Brazil and that all out travel plans and monies and dreams are wasted. But alas, everything will work out.   

If you’re ever trying to get a tourist visa (vitur) to Brazil feel free to contact me! It was a hassle and the website was very unclear. The ladies working at the office were very kind though, and it was good speaking Portuguese with them! I did feel a little embarrassed of my Portuguese though because my accent is not what it once was. I need to get over that before we go to Brazil on Monday! I’m so excited. 

We’re are waiting on our visas now and will be able to pick them up in a couple days, hopefully by Thursday so we don’t have to change our flights to Orlando to visit Chris’s brother’s family. “Everything will be alright.”  

Btw, husband and I went to the consulate in person, but that’s not necessary. You can do it by mail I believe, or also pay for a visa service agency. The website isn’t as intimidating as it seems, but it is unclear. Anyway, all is well! 

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  • Reply Alyssa Stevenson 21 October 2015 at 09:54

    I wanna hear about your trip nowwwww. More details and pics and post to come I hope. Glad you know all the details for Brazil travelers….

    Have you seen “age of Adeline?” It’s one of my favs and it even has some of your Portuguese even. You and Chris should watch it for a feel good movie and snuggle. Miss you!

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