My homegirls get home today! 

10 September 2015

My oldest sister, her husband, and my darling nieces have pretty much always loved here in Homer. It is soooo nice having them here. That family had filled my life with fun, adventure, and good food.

They’ve been in Minnesota (where my brother in law is from) for the past week and a half, and today my sister and her girls get home. I’ll be so very glad to have them home.

Here’s  some pictures of what’s gone on this September month so far. As per usual, boat cleaning. It’s getting darker so much earlier now. I really shouldn’t be cleaning past 9 pm, but sometimes I do. Thanks to the harbor lights, it makes it sort of okay, and I can still clean fine. Chris has helped me clean more boats lately which is always so awesome because it goes 2-3x faster. 

Here’s our lawn. :) It’s about 7 feet tall or so. Hahaha. We never mowed it. Chris bought the house 3.5 years ago and it wasn’t landscaped. It still isn’t. Obviously. It bothers me what our neighbors might think, but I know we’re good people, even though we haven’t made a lawn. :) And it mostly just bothers me what one of our neighbors thinks about us, because we’ve already got some conflicts with our dog and her dogs. I hate tension in relationships and I don’t really know what to do about that. Honor my senses I suppose.

The past few days have been sad and emotional with a family crisis, but this flower made me happier. I usually pick them a lot throughout the summer and use them as natural air fresheners in my car. They’re SO fragrant. They’re like Alaskan roses or something. I don’t know. But I love them. I pick them from the high school or by the bowling alley/flashing stop light.

My mom bought this dollhouse kit ten years ago, and I’ve been working on it the last six months. I won’t tell you how many hours I’ve put into it haha. It’s been a lot of work and some fun too. Mostly I look forward to putting in all the cute little furniture and having my nieces play with it at grandma’s house.

Edelweiss gets her walk every morning. Chris usually takes care of this and I clean up the house from the night before, and often I make a fruit and veggie smoothie for us. As soon as Chris gets back from the walk or run with Edelweiss he heads to the office. And he’s been spending most of his time there lately being pretty busy with a big project he and his team are working on. Some days I stay home (which is my favorite), some days I clean guest houses, and some days I substitute teach. The past few days I’ve been watching a friend’s baby too. I want a babies. Soonish.

I love to be home. Cleaning never seems to end, and I know it’ll only get more as we have kids. It’s just me and Chris and our animals now! But there’s an unending list of house stuff, and I love having and making a home.

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