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14 September 2015

I woke the little angels up at 7. Surprisingly they got right up and started getting ready. I just got up about ten minutes before them so I could brush my teeth and put on my favorite leggings and flannel. :) I turned the heater on so they could get dressed in front of it, but shortly after, Katy ran to me and told me there was a daddy long leg by the heater. When I checked, it was already gone, but it’s not super cool that the daddy long legs are thinking they can move in.

Fortunately the girls picked their clothes out last night, so there was no hassle in deciding what to wear this morning.

I made us a smoothie and toast for breakfast. Katy said she didn’t want smoothie but I insisted she have a little. The smallest clean cup I had was a little tiny jar, and she informed me she doesn’t drink out of jars. So I got frustrated and told her to pick a cup then. She never did.

Natalie enjoyed her smoothie as usual and she didn’t want any toast. Katy did eat some applesauce and apples sliced into little triangles, but no smoothie. I made her some toast, and she wanted butter on it, but unfortunately, Katy has gluten and dairy allergies and I didn’t have her dairy free butter. So she said she’d just eat her toast plain. Sad. She didn’t want any jam or honey or anything, so she just ate her toasted bread. She only ate one piece since Natalie told her that Piper licked her toast (which she did) and I guess Katy didn’t want the other piece of kitten toast. :)

I worked on their lunches and that went pretty fine. Natalie wanted a PBJ and Katy had Grandma’s ham fried rice from yesterday. They each got apples and carrots, and then some other random items. Natalie got a few pink starburst but Katy didn’t want any. She doesn’t like candy that much, but I think Natalie would eat it all day if she could. Wonder what I’ll pack them tomorrow. The girls were gone the past week and a half and had some catch up homework to do. Natalie did a good job getting some done this morning too and Katy did all of hers last week. She’ll maybe have some tonight though – her homework is cute.  Last night the girls wanted to read a book called You Are Special by Max Lucado. I’ve read it with them before and it’s wonderful. But since we didn’t have time last night, I said we’d read some of it this morning if they were all ready before 8:10. So they got all ready freddie with their backpacks, coats, and shoes, and we read a few pages together. We’ll finish it later today, that’s the plan at least.

Then at 8:10 we went off to school not in a rush! If I had woken them up at 7:15, the morning would not have been the same. It was nice to have plenty of time to do what we needed this morning. And we all were pretty well rested, so that is good.

We forgot to pray together before we left, so we prayed in the car before backing out. Katy prayed, and Natalie got mad at her when she started and said she wanted to buckle her seatbelt first. Then when it was time for Katy to buckle her seatbelt, she and Natalie got mad at each other and Katy was upset. But she got it buckled just before we got on to the highway, so all is well. :)

I dropped Natalie off first, then Katy. Then I came home and crashed on my orange chair. I felt like I had already done a day’s work and was ready for a nap haha. Chris and Edel then went for a run in the rain. The past couple hours I’ve unfortunately wasted plenty of time on my phone and have been laying in front of the heater. I did read the scriptures though! I’m in the end of Mosiah and I just read about Alma and the sons of Mosiah’s big change of heart.

Now it’s time for some work, which is great, because work edifies. I’ll pick the girls up after school and probably take them to my mom’s to play for a while. They love being at Grandma’s house, especially Katy. The girls will probably stay with us a couple days and it will be fun fun fun. I’m glad I don’t have to substitute teach today and that I shouldn’t have many boats tonight either!

Parents do a whoooooole lot and I believe people are generally trying to do their best with what they know at the time.


  • Reply Alyssa Stevenson 16 September 2015 at 09:21

    This post sounds a lot like you talking and makes me happy. I love that you keep up on this. Makes me feel closer to you and this will also be so good for Katy & Natalie to read one for when they are older and how funny and cute they are.

  • Reply Stefanie Hathaway 14 November 2015 at 18:20

    who doesn’t like smoothies?! crazy kids! but yes about the “get a cup. no a jar. i don’t drink from jars” bit. That would totally happen at my house. I often feel done for the day at 9am. I think the morning routine is just generally kind of hard, but once you get everyone together (and usually out the door to a new environment/change of pace) things pick up. Being a mom is the total best. you will love it. also, you seem pretty involved with those girlies, so maybe this isn’t as true for you, but for me, having your own kids is 200% different than babysitting others.

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