Mini PME

4 October 2015

Three years ago I bought some mini Pregar Meu Evangelhos (preach my gospel in Portuguese) and today I finally gave one away! I had tried sending them in the mail a couple years ago, but the box ending up coming back to me six months later haha. So I’ve been holding on to them to bring to Brazil. At the time they didn’t sell the mini ones here or something. And on my mission I really wanted a mini one, so I figured others would want that too!

It was special to give Meddison one today. She’s a recent convert from when I first came here to Brazil. She and a couple of her siblings were baptized shortly before I arrived in the area. Her mom went to church all the time too, but couldn’t get baptized because she wasn’t married to her “husband” and thus not living the law of chastity. Chris and I stopped by their house and visited them before general conference today. It’s really incredible to be able to see everyone again. For the most part I’ve just felt joy, but sometimes I feel sadness when people are no longer following God’s path and plan of happiness. 

Meddison is pretty strong in the church though, and it makes me happy! She said her PMG book was really worn down and was grateful for a new little one. She’s 17 and is thinking about serving a mission, but she isn’t sure. She still has plenty of time to think about it if she feels that’s what she needs and wants to do. I know that a mission brings so so so much good though. That’s what missions do. They spread light all over the world and make the light brighter inside each missionay. I am so happy to be back in my mission areas right now. It brings me so much joy!  

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  • Reply Alyssa Stevenson 21 October 2015 at 09:50

    Heyyya, feels like it’s been awhile since I commented on your blog. Preach my gospel is so good and missionary work. You are such a good example glad you finally could give your mini away and at just the right time :)

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