“I’m eleven too!”

11 November 2015

I miss Brazil. Well what I miss are the Brazilians, the people who gave me so much unconditional love, people who don’t have much but who are willing to give it all, people who make the best rice and beans seasoned with garlic and onion and some meaty thing probably, people who are humble, beautiful, and who have taught me to be more Christlike. I hope they all know how much I love and appreciate each of them and all they have given me. 

There’s one Brazilian lady, Isabela, who would tell us the English she knew. She had a tape and workbook or something that went like this: “I’m eleven….” and then “I’m eleven too!” And I love hearing her say that. I miss her. For some reason that plays on repeat in my mind “I’m eleven too!” And sometimes I even say it out loud. 

Speaking of more elevens, today is eleven eleven, Veterans Day! At school (3rd-6th) they did good things to commemorate and remember Veterans Day and I learned when Veterans Day first began! I forgot now, maybe 1919 with Roosevelt? Not sure though haha, I need to study up on my history!

Chris told me how he has national pride on this day, proud for the values that were fought for, and for those who served and gave their lives, proud of that old America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

11-11 is also especially special because you get to make wishes all day long! I used to be big into wish making, but I’ve forgotten about it the past few years. I guess my wishes all came true! :) At one point I’d wish eveytime I through a banana peel, since I ate so many bananas. I shall start wishing more and throwing good thoughts out there, because there’s still plenty of good wishes I can make. 

  Natalie and I made pie and yum!
There are many suffering in the world, so much suffering that I don’t even know about. I know we can make it through our pains though, and with God, we are capable of so much. I’m grateful for the freedoms we have here in America, and especially in Alaska, and I hope we don’t lose them! Either way, we’ve always got the freedom to choose. Oh! Also, when we obey, we’re free! I think I was listening to a talk from general conference that said that, how obedience to God is freedom! So let freedom ring, my friends.  :)

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  • Reply alyssa stevenson 17 November 2015 at 11:01

    ohhh this one is so perfect, so creative and made me appreciate the number 11 too!
    you are so great and make life better.
    I can name 11 reasons why you are special to me:
    ready, set, eleven:
    1. you are my twin, and we have brown hair and you are pretty and that makes me pretty too.
    2. you have a good smile and its contagious and an ability to make others smile and happy. feliz Chelsea is the perfect title for your blog.
    3. you are from Alaska and Chad ford always commented on that and it would make me laugh, and I like Alaska and might live there soon and we will see each other maybe… and you are hardcore because you grewup outside and I like that.
    4. you married chris, this is special to me because you guys are now one and I like you both and he’s an addition to you and makes you better and each other and marriage is good. I love you both and who you strive to be.
    5. you love the temple and would always help go there together and put my name in after my head injury and got sealed there I like that and know you will always make the temple an important thing in your life.
    6. you have great style, you love polkadots and have cute clothes and I miss sharing them with you.
    7. you are a peacebuilder, you listen to others and strive to be like Christ. You also took peacebuilding classes and we met there and you bring peace in my life and I can call you when im sad and you make things better…
    8. crafty nature and sea glass. you have this ability to collect so much good sea glass with every handful and find so much beauty from every small thing in nature… like all the drift wood sticks always looked better after you touched them with your brush… and I just bought paint and brushes off amazon…. yay. wish we could use it together…. and you are the best snowflake maker I know.
    9. you served a mission… and went to Jerusalem and have so many events in your life that are so cool and makes you cool and I like cool people. it also shows sacrifice and love that is deep in who you are!
    10. you are a good cook and healthy and vegan and that takes skills and bless others and always willing to share.
    11. you are a good friend… and wife… and aunt… and daughter…. YW leader…all those things. but im just going to take about friend… because its applicable (but I can see your goodness at the other stuff all the time)… but you have always been a good friend to me and made me better. we don’t have to talk every single day or month but when we do talk or text each other its like nothing changed. Although we are away and not close, I know you are there and if I needed anything you would answer. At times, I haven’t always been the best friend or distracted with work and other things but you are always constant and I wanna be constant like you.
    let freedom ring.
    okay, I really love this post and who you are.

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