Five Gold Rings

29 December 2015

The Fifth Day of Christmas

The five golden rings represented the Pentateuch, the five books of Moses, which gives the history of humanity and God’s response of grace. What we learn from the five books of Moses is God’s dealings with his children. It starts with the creation of the world and of Adam and Eve (yay, I love them), how they fall, but then we are taught we are given a redeemer, the song of God. And then it goes through the early prophets, and the Exodus of the children of Israel, and stuff after that. :) I need to become acquainted with the old testament. When I was studying it in Jerusalem, my love and appreciation for the Old Testament grew a lot a lot! But since then, I haven’t taken much time to study it. In scripture study, I learn a lot with the help of the institute manuals, but I don’t see myself as a very good scripture studier right now, which means I can only get better! :)

As Christmas break often goes, I stayed at home today and enjoyed hanging out with my smelf. (Chris says smelf instead of self, so I do too sometimes. It’s a funny thing we do hee haw). I finished making cookies this morning and enjoyed a bunch of them. They’re tasty and not too unhealthy with their organic whole wheat and oats and organic sugar (which is still unhealthy) and coconut oil and applesauce. And then loads of chocolate cheeps, or chocolate chips as we sometimes call them.

The best thing I did today was make appointments to go visiting teaching! I’m so proud of myself. :) I always have the desire to visit (or somehow connect with) my assigned sisters each month, but more often than not, I don’t accomplish that. Things are changing now! Hooray. I think visiting teaching is super fantastic. It is wonderful to visit people, especially when they want and need it. I have one older lady that I visit teach that loves and appreciates visits muchly.

We had some yummy broccoli cheese pasta for din din tonight, and watched Star Wars episode 6, and I konked out with a half hour left. And then I napped for two hours while he played Xbox. Not sure how I slept through all that. I remember feeling the cats walk on me, and I really love that. I love being walked on by cats, really. Their gentle little paws cruising across you. When I walk up, Edel had jumped on the couch and was cuddling with me. It was so cute! We love our animals, even though they’re extra worse and mess and wear and tear. They’re good companions.

Here’s my cat bum magnets from Chris! <3

For a couple hours, I talked with my childhood bff, Carlita Carla, on the tell. We snap chatted each other while we talked and it was funny. She taught me a new snapchat skill which I’m pretty proud of. I never knew how to move the emojis around like this before! Successful day.  

(this airport one is Carla’s) The bus cracked me up.

Also! One of my favorite Christmassy/Winter musics is George Winston’s December album. It’s such good piano music and I’m listening to it now, and Chris and I listened to it a lot last winter when we played rummikub. I like playing games yay yay goodnight cheers.

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